28 November 2003

MCSD Self-paced Training Kit

I ordered my Self-paced MCSD Training Kit from Computer Manuals yesterday afternoon and it has been delivered to my desk at the lunch break. Four books and a pack of CD/DVD, what a speed!
It sounds uncool to have to use MCSD certificate as the goal/incentive of mastering some exciting hot techies, coz 1) .NET is attractive at its own without using any incentive; 2) there aren't any many industry gurus have been MCSD certified. Certainly, I believe Microsoft will not require their engineers to have MCSD as their objectives.
I think I still need it, given facts that: 1) I haven't had any offsite training course into .NET so far. 2) My boss hasn't booked me into any training course yet. 3) I was working on ASP.NET, Web Services, now Windows Form. I am extremely exhausted and required some heavy recharging. I reckon I need a self-control yet systematic way to absorb new knowledge efficiently. A training kit will not undermine the need to read on MSDN latest update or spying industry guru web blogs. It just provides a well organise document collection to encounter information explosion to a no brainer.
After a quick planning, it works out if I start with 70-316(WinApp) now and spend one and a half hours each day during weekdays (spare time) and fours hours at weekends, I could take the exam on early January 2004.
I shall really book the exam now so leaving no excuse to skip homework for next one month or so.