21 November 2003

Car crash follow up (2)

Filled the insurance claim form online. At one bit it asked me to put in 90 characters (NOT words) to describe the importance that has happened to me. I came with something like this: DRIVE CORRECT, PSS UPHILL BRIDGE, HIT SAFE ISLAND B/F RUDABUT, THICK FROG, SIPPER DARK ROAD

Yeah, I said 'frog' where it should be 'fog'. They give me a contact name and number right away. It is Chris Teager. Call Chris 30 minutes later. He opened the claim I just made and confirmed the description I made. Both have a good laugh at 'frog', he asked me was is a big toad. Of course not, just foggy.Then some garage, repairer details. Then he told me repairer would get in contact with me soon, 5 minutes work. Sorted.

However, BT phone booth ate my pound coin without refunding the 50p unused credit. Evil!