18 November 2003

Build process, Longhorn...

New solution structure is sorted. Also recovered CruiseControl build process.
Attended Longhorn presentation by Lenn Pryor, (Microsoft's Longhorn Programme Director). Some quotes 'How do we build new generation digital relationship with our customers?' '...There are bugs with current OS...but if we aren't sitting down now and think about it (Longhorn), it will never happen...', 'One codebase software update service'.

Avalon -
XAML: Markup for Windows, build app in simple declarative statements, seperate logic and content:
< Button width='100px'\>OK

WinFS -
'Search today is by text string not relationship'. 'Google is great. It understands relationship, meta data...' 'WinFs is a virtual FS, you still have NTFS. WinFS is built on SQL technology.' It uses local data store to organise doc, spreadsheet, picture, address book... Query based search.