14 November 2003

I shout if I am not happy

Worked with Matt to sort out the solution structure and name space for Cockpit project. It is now entering iteration 3, week one. I am still unhappy with what Gary has done before.
1) Logic solution structure is not mapping to file structure.
2) File structures are different between build server, local dev. box and source safe.
3) continuous integration fails as if someone changes the binary output dir where build process and/or FXCop point to.
4) namespace pattern is utterly lack of considering on self-documentation.

Followed the discussion with Matt and Gary on Thursday, we started put together a cockpit pattern, coding standard while making changes to the solution.

Gary was not there on Friday, I was pairing with Matt. The experience is great. We suggested and challenged each other. At one point I have been quick and quietly accept his arguments. He asked, 'are you happy with that?' I confirmed 'Yes, I shout if I am not happy.'

Left office at around 2:45, ridiculous early even for a Friday. Some guys in car sharing obviously lost their morale for work. I hate this, something must be done to change it, I can't let car sharing like this to jeopardise my work hence life quality.

Fingers cross Matt will resove the rest so we can move on next Monday.