21 November 2003

Car crash follow up (1)

Walking from garage (near MFI) to home seemed an endless road. It is only then you realise with a car you are travelling at a different dimension. Face freezing in the chilling wind.
Clean all valuables from the car, including the luck lion to take home.
A few things need to sort out into next week, here just a memo to remind myself:
- about the car:
1. Contact the insurer (Today)
2. Produce all legal documents to local police station.(Today)
3. Contact local garage to get the old Ford back on track (This weekend)
4. Alter the insurance to cover the Ford (Next Monday)
5. Buy road tax for Ford (Next Saturday)

-about the job (Omit 3 bullet points hereafter.)

-about the house (Omit 2 bullet points hereafter.)

- Other stuff to happen soon (Omit 2 bullet points hereafter.)