21 November 2003

Car crash

I crashed my Mazda 323F (similar to this one) this morning. The car crashed to a safe island right before entering roundabout near Ben's house. It was 6:45, slippery road, and very thick fog. James was with me. We were rushing to meet other guys in car-sharing to go to office...
I can still remember Jim shouted to me 'ROG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!...' Then I jumped on the break very hard, then seeing the road mark lamppost (plastic, meter high) banging the windscreen, airbags popped out at this very moment before the car hit and knocked down the signpost (steel) and stopped. It is less than two metres from predestrain lamppost to signpost. The car stay on the safe island though.
We are fine. Air bag hit my face, not very hard, just felt a little bit numb around mouth and nose area. I have glasses on, but it is fine. Acid smoke filled the car. I slowly switched on the hazard lights; switched off the engine but left all indicate light on. I feel fine. Then I release the seat belt and got out.
Derbies were all over the places. Broken glasses, plastics, rubber etc… lamppost flied to 5 meters away, steel post under the cassis- it leaves a deep dent into bonnet before gave itself up. Bumper was gone, radiant are chucked into engine and deformed. Offside were more severely damaged then inner side. Indicators were still on but holder were gone, and so to coolant reservoir.

Call 999 immediately. We then wait at the roadside, other guys have a brief stop and continue to work. Jim was with me to wait for police to come. Apparently they didn’t find us. And after a follow-on call, Mr. Johnson, the policeman turned out. He called Bristol Garage immediately. While waiting, he took a brief testimony with me. Then the rescue lorry turned up and drove us back to Stafford.