28 May 2004

403 error when accessing a CMS site for the first time

It is worth to check SCA and set 'Map Channel Names to Host Header Names' has set to 'YES' first. In my case, I configurate IIS to use host header mapping and hence this also need to be set accordingly

18 May 2004

Wireless web reaches into paradise

Firstly, they miss the whole point of Maldives. People come here just to escape the world for a few days. They don't care whether US has pulled out from Iraq when they are having sun bath or swimming with dolphins, they don't care whether FTSE has gone up another 100 points- at least just for a few days. We have been there once and the only TV on the island broadcasts CNN news twice a day. It is not surprise that nobody cares to sit in the lobby.

Secondly, erect an antenna that ‘must taller than above the line of the palm trees’ is not going to do any good to promote the resort. The owners may want take a few photos reserved for postcard before the antenna has been installed.

The only valid bit is guests can ‘send electronic postcard to their friends and family in seconds’ instead of posts for weeks. But, I would rather prefer the post. You got the salty feeling of some real paper, hand-writing and stamps. That is a real piece of souvenir. An electronic postcard in seconds is just some show-off.

Technically possible doesn’t mean you should do it.

I hope they will fail and leave a paradise as it named.

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17 May 2004

Missed train this morning

Had been leaving late this morning, but managed to get there 2 minutes before the train arrival time. I normally wait in car until seeing the train pulls into platform before getting out. 30 seconds is enough to board it.

The guy to my left glimpsed at me, his wife just got out of the car. The lady is a daily commuter on this journey. I parked my car into the bay next to his.

A golden Peugeot briskly stopped at the far left parking lot - a space enough to accommodate three cars. How could she parked like this? She took middle position unevenly, so it will be quite difficult for the one parks to the right. The lady owner jumped out and rushed to the platform. There was still plenty of time.

The driver at the left eye-escorted his wife onto the platform, reversed out and gone.

I should shift a slot to left so make more space for other people. The gap between my car and the far left one is more than one car space now.

Just noticed another lady commuter briskly stopped and jumped onto the platform. People are moving fast these days.

I reversed out the car then parked again. Perfect.

Train still not arrived. I decided to come out, wait at the platform and enjoy some morning breeze. Walked to the platform, on time.


A train was slowly pulling off before I could possibly reach the edge of the platform.

Damn it!

It turned out that the train has arrived earlier and wait at the platform for awhile, just the bush blocked the view from the car park to the rail track.

It was 2 minutes to 7. Get back to car and have to wait for an hour.

Lesson learnt: Never assume, not even the most familiar bit known to you. Make sure you actually see them.

14 May 2004

Remember to Map CMS Vitual Directory

Here is the story:
VS.NET by default uses localhost:80 (default web application/VS.Net Solution Host) to publish CMS App, say http://localhost:80/myCmsApp1. I create a Web app using a different IP address which maps to http://localhost:80/myCmsApp1. However, I forgot to create a CMS VD from within
myCmsApp because it has IIS root with mapping to CMS already - multi web apps sharing one IP.
It looked like this:

Now it needs a http://MyIIS/myCmsApp1/cms that maps to (...)\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS to work correctly from within localhost, otherwise you may get some funny client broswer script errors like the following:

Line : 447
Char :4
Error : Type mismatch: "Initialize Toolbar"
URL: http://myCmsApp1/NR/exeres/[Guid],frameless.htm?NRMODE=Unpublished&NRTEMPLATEVERSION=CheckedOut&WBCMODE=AuthoringReedit

placeholder icons may not be displayed correctly as well as Web Author console not functioning.

Create an CMS VD in myCmsApp1 to solve the problem.

13 May 2004

ASP.NET Impersonation

I met problems on trying to run ASP.NET Web App on a Windows domain controller earlier on and here is why this happened.
First let’s have a look at the ASP.NET Impersonation model.
With IIS anonymous access enabled, depends on whether ASP.NET impersonation is enabled, an impersonated account is used. In machine.config file:

// impersonation enabled, will impersonate using account pass by IIS
<identity impersonate="true"/>
// authentication enabled and user account specified
<identity impersonate="true" name="domain\user" password="pwd"/>
// authentication disabled
<identity impersonate="false" />

1)If it is not, requests are made using the system-level process account. This account is configured in the element of the machine.config file.
2)If ASP.NET impersonation is enabled, requests are made either using the IIS anonymous access account (localmachine\IUSR_machinename by default) or using a user account specified in the element of the section. In addition, if no account is specified in the element of the section, then permissions for user accounts may be specified in the element of the section.
All accounts on a domain controller are domain accounts and local accounts- localmachinename\(accountName) does not exist. Therefore ASP.NET cannot be started. To overcome this, you can use the system account or you will need to explicitly define an account configured in the element of the machine.config file.

07 May 2004

CMS, work with template gallery in VS.NET

Symptom 1: On Loading Woodgrovenet.sln to VS.NET, there is complain: "Could not get the root template gallery"

Error message: The windows credentials provided could not be validated.

Reason: The user running Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is not in a Template Designer role or their role does not have access to the root template gallery. So need to run Site manager to add the current logon account as a Template Designer.

Symptom 2: Cannot modify Template Gallery Item
I am logon to NT and start a new CMS Web project with VS.NET. The NT logon I used was granted as Template Designer. I can see the whole project but cannot add/modify template gallery items.
Double check the Template Designer rights, found there isn’t Group rights granted to the project-top channel-http host header (same name).
After grant the rights explicitly, I can now Add/modify TGI in VS.NET.

06 May 2004

Accessing CMS sites off a root URL by sharing IP address and port number

In this scenario, we have a root IIS site and multiple CMS web application off this root on a development environment. Instead of configuring each into their own CMS environments, they share a same CMS db, users/roles scheme. So developers can easily switch between sites

The site structure looked like this:
http://mycms --IIS root
--WoodgroveNet --CMS –enable web app 1
--PetshopCom --CMS –enable web app 2
--WoodwidgetOrg --CMS –enable web app 3

Instead of accessing each by:

We want:

Here is how to achieve this:
Step 1. Make mycms CMS enabled
You can use MCMS SCA tool to assign read/write rights or manually map these virtual directories:
- NR((MCMS installation drive)\Program Files\Server\IIS_NR)
- MCMS((MCMS installation drive)\Program Files\Server\MCMS)
Copy ASP.NET Client API by run:
aspnet_regiis –c from the appropriate .Net framework directory. for v1.1 this is C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322

You need to manually map IE Web Control API, SCA wouldn’t do it for you:
Create a virtual directory mycms/Webctrl_client that map to (IIS installation drive)\Inetpub\wwwroot\ webctrl_client

Step 2. Check and remove mycms Host Header Name if there is one.
In IIS Manager, mycms|properties(right click)|Web Site Tab Web Site Identification, click “Advanced”. Now into Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration.
To remove it, select the entry then click “Edit”.

Step 3. Add multiple website.
Into Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration, click on “Add”. Use the same IP address and Port you assign to mycms for WoodgroveNet, PetshopCom and WoodwidgetOrg.

Step 4. Update DNS hosts file
notepad c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
add this: mycms woodgrovenet PetshopCom WoodwidgetOrg
you should use the IP address you assign to mycms.

You are done.