28 November 2003

Life in a Rollercoaster

Yeah, that is right. It is in a rollercoaster.
What a dramatic day today! I have a few interesting things in my bag: a leaving notice; an unsigned contract offered by someone else. I need to decide whether stay or leave before 3 o’clock.

At about 12, my boss gives me a blue envelope containing remuneration package they would like to offer me from next year. It is a big rise in terms of figures, but I reckon it is merely a late arrived justification of what I am worth of.

I got three hours to make my decision. Forget everything else that the bosses promised (not in paper), forget friends and colleagues’ advice. The only thing I need to focus on is: what is the gain/loss by staying?
- Still long commuting time (hope this would change if flexi-time enforced and I can work longer from Monday to Thursday and save Friday to study at home).
- Still playing at the cutting edge stuff.
- Familiar people and bearcats, no need to adapt to a new set of red tapes.
It would be really good by taking Friday off for self-development. I do thing it come to a higher priority even than personal finances side.

It is a long-term relationship; either stay or leave is a critical decision to make. I decide to stay.

However, it is really sad to see some friends/colleagues leaving. Some lost their faith for the future here and thinking of a career change. Or other personal reasons like unsustainable commuting distance-- up to 160 miles a day! I could only wish they good luck and hope we are still friends and will come across some time in the future.