08 March 2004

back again

Haven’t been blogged for a really long time, feel like a deep dive. This is partly due to the then on-going project had drained most of my time, partly I was enjoyed it too much to share.
Now get back to where I was been left off since last time I blogged during a project gap.
Lots of things happened in this 3-4 months time:
Got a sparking .NET Windows Form project to work on with a group of really enthusiastic people;
Brought our first house and applied eXtreme Programming methodology on DIY deco to guarantee a delivery;
the employer is up for sale (still on going);
4 weeks to live pilot and the .NET project got caned due to business interest changed--yet another one;

There are lots of thing I shall write down before they fading away. To some people, blog is a convoy to share knowledge; to some it is a place to show off; to many others, like me, it is a memory dump and natural healing at low-point.

I shall pick up my old friend for now, until another challenge arrives and I will be doing deep dive again.