14 May 2004

Remember to Map CMS Vitual Directory

Here is the story:
VS.NET by default uses localhost:80 (default web application/VS.Net Solution Host) to publish CMS App, say http://localhost:80/myCmsApp1. I create a Web app using a different IP address which maps to http://localhost:80/myCmsApp1. However, I forgot to create a CMS VD from within
myCmsApp because it has IIS root with mapping to CMS already - multi web apps sharing one IP.
It looked like this:

Now it needs a http://MyIIS/myCmsApp1/cms that maps to (...)\Program Files\Microsoft Content Management Server\Server\IIS_CMS to work correctly from within localhost, otherwise you may get some funny client broswer script errors like the following:

Line : 447
Char :4
Error : Type mismatch: "Initialize Toolbar"
URL: http://myCmsApp1/NR/exeres/[Guid],frameless.htm?NRMODE=Unpublished&NRTEMPLATEVERSION=CheckedOut&WBCMODE=AuthoringReedit

placeholder icons may not be displayed correctly as well as Web Author console not functioning.

Create an CMS VD in myCmsApp1 to solve the problem.

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