17 May 2004

Missed train this morning

Had been leaving late this morning, but managed to get there 2 minutes before the train arrival time. I normally wait in car until seeing the train pulls into platform before getting out. 30 seconds is enough to board it.

The guy to my left glimpsed at me, his wife just got out of the car. The lady is a daily commuter on this journey. I parked my car into the bay next to his.

A golden Peugeot briskly stopped at the far left parking lot - a space enough to accommodate three cars. How could she parked like this? She took middle position unevenly, so it will be quite difficult for the one parks to the right. The lady owner jumped out and rushed to the platform. There was still plenty of time.

The driver at the left eye-escorted his wife onto the platform, reversed out and gone.

I should shift a slot to left so make more space for other people. The gap between my car and the far left one is more than one car space now.

Just noticed another lady commuter briskly stopped and jumped onto the platform. People are moving fast these days.

I reversed out the car then parked again. Perfect.

Train still not arrived. I decided to come out, wait at the platform and enjoy some morning breeze. Walked to the platform, on time.


A train was slowly pulling off before I could possibly reach the edge of the platform.

Damn it!

It turned out that the train has arrived earlier and wait at the platform for awhile, just the bush blocked the view from the car park to the rail track.

It was 2 minutes to 7. Get back to car and have to wait for an hour.

Lesson learnt: Never assume, not even the most familiar bit known to you. Make sure you actually see them.

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