07 May 2004

CMS, work with template gallery in VS.NET

Symptom 1: On Loading Woodgrovenet.sln to VS.NET, there is complain: "Could not get the root template gallery"

Error message: The windows credentials provided could not be validated.

Reason: The user running Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is not in a Template Designer role or their role does not have access to the root template gallery. So need to run Site manager to add the current logon account as a Template Designer.

Symptom 2: Cannot modify Template Gallery Item
I am logon to NT and start a new CMS Web project with VS.NET. The NT logon I used was granted as Template Designer. I can see the whole project but cannot add/modify template gallery items.
Double check the Template Designer rights, found there isn’t Group rights granted to the project-top channel-http host header (same name).
After grant the rights explicitly, I can now Add/modify TGI in VS.NET.