06 May 2004

Accessing CMS sites off a root URL by sharing IP address and port number

In this scenario, we have a root IIS site and multiple CMS web application off this root on a development environment. Instead of configuring each into their own CMS environments, they share a same CMS db, users/roles scheme. So developers can easily switch between sites

The site structure looked like this:
http://mycms --IIS root
--WoodgroveNet --CMS –enable web app 1
--PetshopCom --CMS –enable web app 2
--WoodwidgetOrg --CMS –enable web app 3

Instead of accessing each by:

We want:

Here is how to achieve this:
Step 1. Make mycms CMS enabled
You can use MCMS SCA tool to assign read/write rights or manually map these virtual directories:
- NR((MCMS installation drive)\Program Files\Server\IIS_NR)
- MCMS((MCMS installation drive)\Program Files\Server\MCMS)
Copy ASP.NET Client API by run:
aspnet_regiis –c from the appropriate .Net framework directory. for v1.1 this is C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322

You need to manually map IE Web Control API, SCA wouldn’t do it for you:
Create a virtual directory mycms/Webctrl_client that map to (IIS installation drive)\Inetpub\wwwroot\ webctrl_client

Step 2. Check and remove mycms Host Header Name if there is one.
In IIS Manager, mycms|properties(right click)|Web Site Tab Web Site Identification, click “Advanced”. Now into Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration.
To remove it, select the entry then click “Edit”.

Step 3. Add multiple website.
Into Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration, click on “Add”. Use the same IP address and Port you assign to mycms for WoodgroveNet, PetshopCom and WoodwidgetOrg.

Step 4. Update DNS hosts file
notepad c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
add this: mycms woodgrovenet PetshopCom WoodwidgetOrg
you should use the IP address you assign to mycms.

You are done.