16 March 2004


- George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Chapter 1

What a penetrative and foresight wisdom.

It is worth to take a snap of what has happened as of March 2004 (that is almost 20 years after what Orwell’s fictitious story happened.

The background: War on Iraq a year on, led by Bush Administration and echoed with Blair ministry, Spain is the only other western European country sending their troops to Iraq.
A chain of terrorism bomb attacks killed 192 commuters and wounded 1500 in morning peak hours in Madrid last Thursday (11/03/2004).
Israel was suffering another round of human bomb attacks

NATO Umbrella Could Keep Spanish Troops in Iraq BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A UN-mandated NATO presence in Iraq could be a face-saving formula for Spain's incoming Socialist prime minister as allies put pressure on him not to withdraw troops from the country, diplomats said Tuesday.

Israel Prepares to Strike Back for Bombing JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's inner cabinet approved major raids into the Gaza Strip and the killing of top militants Tuesday in retaliation for a Palestinian suicide bombing at a strategic port, security sources said.

Suspected Russia Gas Blast Kills 21; 20 Missing MOSCOW (Reuters) - A suspected gas blast flattened part of a large apartment block in northern Russia early on Tuesday, killing at least 21 people, including two children, and trapping about 20 more beneath the rubble.

White House to Kerry: We Want Names
FOX News Bush administration officials on Monday continued to press Kerry to say exactly what international leaders have told the presumed Democratic presidential nominee privately that they back his candidacy to oust President Bush.

London terror attack 'inevitable'
(BBC) The police chief was speaking in central London A terror attack on London is inevitable, Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir John Stevens has said.

Do I have too much time to care about what is going on in the world?