06 September 2004

Pass another MCP exam

I passed the 70-320 MCP exam today, which is on Remoting, Serviced component, COM+, Windows services and XML web services. For the last 4 weeks or so, I totally enjoyed the pleasure of discovery. Ingo Rammer's Advanced .NET Remoting is inspiring and fun to read. I got the book off my boss and gave him back with some coffee stains ;-).
I reckon 70-320 is hardest one or at least it should be the hardest one to take, given the weight on each branch it tries cover. In a sense, Remoting and serviced component are the same hierarchy of .NET technology tack, like ASP.NET. However, 70-320 covers far more than that, which dilutes the depth it can accommodate in a two hours session.
Serviced Component, the .Net version of COM+ is still the toughest part. I used Juval Lowy’s Programming .NET Components and Chapter 10 of his COM and .NET Component Services as introductory.
If I were not heading for exam, I can probably explore more in-depth rather than board coverage. This is particular important to COM+ bit, which is hard to pick-up yet easy to drop-off.
Now the challenge is: will I utilise these knowledge and skills and keep them sharp?

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