23 September 2004

ASP.NET Response.Redirect Server.Transfer Server.Execute not working

The symptom:
On completion of registration or login, I want to redirect the response to the page where user coming from, say default.aspx. I expect the QueryString ReturnUrl will be picked up and browser will be forwarded. However, the redirection is not working, working intermittently. Sometimes, the login page stayed as if not being refreshed, other times I got a blank page with url poited to the desired target. I have tried these methods Response.Redirect Server.Transfer Server.Execute and FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage. None of them works. I was using Framework 1.1.

The solution:
1) Make sure your browser supports cookie. If you are using personal proxy, such like ZoneAlarm, check to see it will not block cookies even from localhost.
2) Check to see SmartNevigation is set to off in the web.config. If it is on, the page redirection will fail. Debug trace shows the Application_BeginRequest wouldn’t even be hit.

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