24 September 2004

BizTalk FAQ

I am working on a Biztalk POC project at the moment, here is a list of problems have occurred to me at varuious stage and the solutions. The list will keep growing as proceeding.

1. Biztalk Message Queue causes conflict with MSMQ
-- In short, you cannot run MSMQT on the same machine as MSMQ runs. What behind MSMQT is MSMQ, they are using the same port (1801). This can happen on the test/deployment machine if MSMQ already run then you configure to use MSMQT. This problem raised when you try to start Biztalk Application again.. Stop the MSMQ service (Message Queuing and Message Queuing Triger) from Service Control Console, then start the Biztalk Application will fix the problem.

2. Running an independet web service on the same development machine that has biztalk server and Sharepoint server installed. I was getting 404 'file not found' when requesting a web service.
--MS Development team suggest the stsfltr.dll ISAPI filter from sharepoint team services may cause the problem. I have tried remove this ISAP filter from IIS, problem solved. Read this KB

3. I drop the request xml into the receive port-bound dir, it has been processed but the resulted xml doc is not produced, why?
-- It is spot on that orchestration process picks up the request as it has been removed from receive port-bound dir. The first thing to check is the send port - outbound settings. Is the dir granted with appropriate write/modify access to the account that BiztalkServerApplication runs under? Is there any typo in the address URL send ports point to?
If you are using late bound, the problem is easy to rectify. Just stop the orchestration process, unlist it, correct the problem and restart the orchestration process- make sure all receive and send ports and enabled/started.
If the application is bound at the design time, there are few more things need to be done.
First on the development pc, open the source project, correct the problems and rebuild it.
Then on the deployment server, stop/unlist the problematic orchestration from the Biztalk admin console.
Then start the deploy wizard, remove the problematic biztalk assembly from the configuration database-you need to remove it from GAC as well.
Install the new compiled biztalk assembly.
Specify all late bind ports to the new orchestration process use Biztalk Explorer.
Enlist and start the orchestration process from Biztalk Admin console

Lesson learn: Always use late binding ports when permitted.

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