15 August 2006

svn external steps

This quick note gives a step by stop guide to make svn external reference.
svn external means that local copy is a references to repository rather than a working copy. So if later checking in would not check-in the local copy, but mark the reference only.
1. {local path}mkdir dependencies. dependencies contains a collections of external denpendencise (references) we will import next.
2. svn add dependencies {repository url}, and
3. svn ci -m"..." dependencies. 2. 3. source controls 'dependencies'
4. (use windows file browser), go to 'dependencies' |(right click)|Properties|Subverion tab| (requires Tortoise, the svn windows client)
5. from the Subverion tab, select 'svn externals' from middle dropdown box, then in the text area below, type '3rdAPILib url_to_3rdAPILib' (no*'*, 3rdAPILib is the dir name you give to the external reference, url_to_3rdAPILib is its location in the repository)
6. click 'set' button, then 'ok' it.
7. right click 'dependencies'|'SVN Update'. This should get a copy of '3rdAPILib' to your {local path}\dependencies .
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