06 August 2006

Content or intention?

How does the news industry "cross the chasm" and survive in a search-driven world? I don't have a silver bullet, unfortunately, but it starts by opening up its sites and realizing that in a post-Web world, the model for news is no longer site driven. Sites that wall themselves off are becoming irrelevant, not because the writing or analysis is necessarily flawed, but rather because their business model is. In today's ecosystem of news, the greatest sin is to cut one-self off from the conversation. Both The Economist and the Wall Street Journal have done just that
Remarking how traditional subscription based online media would be benefit from open up deep linking - allowing search and linking to their walled assert - subscription protected content:

The goal is to make content that is worth pointing to. If you're feeding the conversation, the rest will then follow, including advertisers who want to be in the conversation that news stories are fostering.

from The Search, John Battelle