04 May 2007

Jetty 6.1.2 (rc2) don't do multi core processor

Recently we upgraded our work laptop to Intel dual core processor.

After moving my local working code branch to new pc, I start to see some very strange things happened. In some tests where the web server issues an httpClient call to itself hangs indefinitely. No time out; no response, the thread is just suspended.

In comparison, the very same code runs merrily on my old pc (single core), I can see the httpClient request invokes a new thread on itself.

Adding the mystery, the problem on dual core pc is intermittent- in about 20% occasion it starts a new thread.

Jetty doesn't spawn a new thread on multi core CPU. Looking back I can come to this conclusion but the process to get to here wasn’t easy. Then I google out this bug report

I quickly upgrading to Jetty 1.6.3 - the stable build just released, the problem've gone away.

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