11 January 2007

Five things

Five Things about you and five firends of yours

Admit that it is hard for me to come with five friends who blogg, this is difficult. And my Talisian colleagues are moving fast – I would say although your colleagues are your friends (at least in theory), you are not meant to tag them as this spirals into a workspace dead loop.
Now I am pulling my hair for the five coz Rob exhausts (almost) all work-bloggers I know, thanks also goes to Ian (internet alchemy) D too. No, nil, zero, no one (Andy, I leave Sarah to your account).

So if you wonder who this quietly Jingye is, here is the five of him:

  1. I got to gym at least five times a week, do a 5km/30mins run before finishing the day.
  2. I consume around 500 minutes podcast each week, mostly IT and digital photography related. My most favourite is BBC documentary archives and the least favourite is IBM Institute for Business Value.
  3. Danni, my wife and I have recently completed a 25 km charity walk for British Heart Foundation at the Peak District.
  4. My latest gadget is a Canon 5D digital camera. Here is one (more are in my flickr).
  5. I organise outdoor activities for the alike Chinese expats in Britain. Our next call is ‘Winter Farm Experience’ at Lake District.

Stafford - Baswich

And here are five friends of mine: mumu, xp, flywhc, TheTime, Sisyphus

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