18 June 2006

TDD Moving from 1.1 to 2.0

Moving dev environement to VS 2005, which by default targets .Net framework 2.0. To make it targets 1.1 here is Jomo Fisher : Hack the Build: Use Whidbey Beta2 to target .NET Runtime 1.1, which works on VS 2005 full release as well.
I organise test assembly into a project within the same solution. It is quit cool to have differnt project configured to different .net framework versions.
So the class library(test target) is 2.0 while test fixture is 1.1, which statisfies nUnit console (2.2.0). Soon I run into chicken and egg problem - test asm reference test target - 1.1 on 2.0. Reverese dependency simply doesn't work.
Luckily folks at nUnit.org didn't stop at when MS recuit one of their top guy and build a MS Unit Test into their VS Team Sytem. (I tried it in a few ocassion - awful I say).
Quickly upgraded nUnit to 2.2.8 for .Net 2.0, put test asm back to 2.0. It works fine!