27 October 2005

Anti Intellisense with Test Driven Development

"I don’t think IntelliSense[note 1] is helping us become better programmers. The real objective is for us to become faster programmers, which also means that it’s cheapening our labor. " -- Charles Petzold A Talk Delivered at the NYC .NET Developer’s Group, October 20, 2005

I have to agree with Charles that Intellisense changes the way we code, it turns design and implementation solution to be kindof conversation with development environment and hence slave to it.

Luckily, here comes rescue: Test Driven Development. With it you can actually start your implementation with the requirement, demand and the burning need to fix the broken test case. You actually start with a question 'what do I want to achieve by doing this?' You then start with using a method, a member variable before had it defined. And with Re-Sharper, you can easily turn the undeclared member into a skeleton you can implement later.

Because they are undeclared when first used, Intellisense won't pop up.


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