18 July 2005

Delicious Library and more

Traditional media are tangible: books, CD, VHS tape. We consume them, collect them, shelf them in our personal libraries. Over years the collection grows and we are satisfied because we ‘own’ something that you can touch and feel it.

Digital media while offering convenient method of publication and spreading with minimum logistic cost. They are intangible. Consumer doesn’t feel they ‘own’ it. Delicious Library offers a revolution way to materialize the electron to give user a feel of ownership.

This brings me to think how we could use internet as ‘WEB’ – meaning all information are linked and not isolated. In aspect of digital music, book collections, there is a clear advantage over the tradition tangible collections. You can easily share or show off your collection worldwide.

We are not talking about Napster, but the book list or music play list. Or even better your book review critics.

I am talking about a WWW portable collection of your participation. A hybrid of webblog, Amazon, iTune, Delicious library and Opac or even more. Say, you write reviews on the books you read recently. You have a collection of the critics online that says everything about you – (‘I think therefore I am’?) Your collection is also fed to community forums (BBS, Amazon etc) so it is cross referenced.

Would this model gives a feeling of ownership of intangible?

Delicious Library Review

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