06 May 2005

Forgot the Administrator password

Shit can happen and it will always happen on an unexpected time. Such like forget your administrator password (what could be worst after a two’s holiday?)

Daniel Petri introduces a useful tick on reset the LOCAL Administrator password. The trick is to force launch a command line console window into the misfortune OS and reset the admin password before hit the ‘CTRL+ALT+DEL’. To do so, you need to fool the start-up process to use CMD.exe instead of logon.scr as the screen saver.

This is not to be confused with reset DOMAIN Administrator password. It follows a similar method to force into the system and therefore reset the password on the domain controller. The addition is that you need to create an Offline NT Password & Registry Editor boot disk so that you can local(offline) login to the domain controller machine.

I haven’t tried neither of them yet. Who knows, I am the admin of my home web farm and I may go for a cross-land tour.

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