05 March 2005

Why WSE?

WSE Executive Summary

  • Free. Save your investment on in-house development of WS-specifications framework or 3rd part product, such like GetAccess

  • Current release is guaranteed side-by-side compatible with future releases, thanks .net framwork

  • Message is end2end secured. This is in contrast to transport protocol or wire level security (e.g. HTTPS, SSL). It can be used for many different protocols such as SMTP, FTP, and TCP

  • What has been acheive?
  • Message Integrity
  • it uses XML Digital Signatures.
  • Confidentiality
  • is based on the XML Encryption specification
  • Authentication
  • It uses security token that embeds in SOAP header to identify a caller.

    For demo and more information read this:Web Services Home: Why WSE?

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