05 August 2004

CV Crap

I heard this term from a friend who worked as a recruitment agent. The term is referring to those people put in all buzz words in their CV, such like C/C++/C#/JAVA/VB, UNIX/WINDOWS etc.
Unfortunately, I am sliding to the edge of a CV crap. Our employer decided to abandon .NET technology for some period and asked all engineers to pick up a second skill set from existing system – which sound to me like pre-emptive notice of another round of ‘reorganisation’- anyway, I am doing Java J2EE migration now.
That would not stop me on the journey to .NET though. I still plan to take the other four MCSD exams before end of the year- maybe right time when we will find out what our employer wants.
I now read in the morning journey to office, then spend a little time on exercises before crack into Java work. Occasionally I advise people on middleware development which is on C/C++. I do some ASP .NET application in the evening at the moment.

Til the end it is how you think not languages mattered.

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